New build homes running off only 25% of typical energy costs.

All surplus energy is exported into a local energy network to benefit our community and our workplaces.  

Lifeboat Homes

The list is growing of national and international headlines that divert our country away from the critical challenges of the 21st Century.


Social and climate resilience.  Ageing, inflated energy costs based on a oil dependent market, lack of affordable rental homes, a lack of housing provision.



Lifeboat is a simple property concept to design, build and manage private rental homes  and flats built (to a low carbon AECB and Passihaus standard).


We provide a safe place for our community. A circular economy designed to flourish within the partnership of private finance, community and local government being addressed.-



The key initiatives

  • 21st homes providing excess renewable energy production.

  • multi generational homes.

  • reduce the cost of ageing to the NHS by providing intermediate homes.

  • provide private affordable rental homes to the whole of our community.

  • export excess low carbon energy locally from our sites to subsidise business partners. eg Schools, Care providers, Hospitality and transport hubs.


We believe in a local strategic approach to private rental homes that is not just financial return without giving back a broader community benefit. The future of our planet is changing and the old business 'laissez faire' model will not continue.



  • Environment Social and Governance leadership

  • Planet Profit People

  • Low cost green energy

  • Regulated private rents.

  • Lifetime standard home design.

  • Multi generational living.

  • AECB Passivhaus, Lifetime build standards.





At Lifeboat Homes we do not consider the UK new build or existing homes good enough for now or the future. The new UK homes are not built well enough to reduce energy consumption. They are not  designed to maximise low carbon energy generation.


We need both!

Lifeboat Homes have designed a new concept home that consumes very little low carbon energy, but produces a lot to export. We want to make our efficient homes small low carbon power stations.  


AECB build standard is a stepping stone on the path to Passivhaus and brings:


Low Energy Bills

Superior Indoor Air Quality

Protection from Overheating

Energy exported into the local community

Lifetime standard

Built for young and old to thrive and not to scrimp to pay the bills



Why a Lifeboat Home?

We want local energy networks to develop and give more independence to communities. By using renewable energy we can live more cheaply exporting our excessive energy locally wehre needed to partners. 


We have developed a low energy sustainable lifetime home that uses only 25 % renewable energy.


New and retrofit build homes

What we do as a service

We develop land, service and manage new 21st century rental homes.


Our mission

To build local power stations off our house roofs using ground source heat networks within our homes and create a criticial infrastructure of independent energy.


An efficient circular economy linking mixed used commercial, local health care and education facilities into our residential buildings.


Lessons learnt since Covid and an increase in price inflation

We have learnt that commercial business and local community are interdependent. Our ageing population is at risk from health care provision failing and our communities rely on complex supply chains. There is a better way. 'A way to reduce vulnerability'.


'Circle the wagons' - Our new build concept is to become a local development company providing housing locally, providing decarbonsied and decentralised energy into the local economy. 


New build Lifeboat Homes


On the edge of urban and village communities. 


Lifetime multigenerational homes.


Accessible living built to a lifetime standard to create a sustainable alternative to living longer in your community.


What about our existing homes?

We can retrofit your homes to allow you to reduce your energy costs and stay at home for longer. 


Or sell the old house, bank the money and rent a Lifeboat home as soon as you can. You will be contributing local energy production into the communitiy all the time and we can thrive together.







What we do?


We develop climate and socially resilient homes and commercial buildings. We intergrate renewable heat energy from the ground and solar with highly insulated building fabric.

Low cost energy low carbon rental homes


Warm, cost effective rental homes 


Green energy providers


Lifetime multi -generational living


Space to integrate and build community